Lincoln Mark VII - SVO
(Kaminski's Prototype)

"This Page is about a 'Hot Rod Lincoln' that never saw production, but should created one myself."
"I had the idea more than 15 years ago, and slowly worked to create this unique model, appearing as a Factory Creation."
"15 years; and a lot of work later, the car is complete..." 
"Though I present this as a factory prototype;  it is my own design."
"I hope you enjoy these facts about a car that never existed...
until I built it!"

                                                                                            - Mike Kaminski

Here is the first Mark VII SVO youtube video!
This is the first video taken of the vehicle with the Noisy engine built by Scott Barlick.
"Scott left a head bolt loose, and didn't hone or machine the block properly for the 347 upgrade!"
"I had to rebuild this engine after only 1,300 miles because Scott's build had bearing say the least!"

Shot at night to display the custom LED tail-lighting; this video shows authentic European amber-colored Marchal driving lights!


The following information contains Ford SVO & SVT Facts...
Any text about the "Mark VII SVO" is fictitious by design, and denoted with **
(Although this unique car does was never built or conceived by any Ford / Lincoln / Mercury division or employee.)

SVO or Special Vehicle Operations, was Ford Motor Company's production team responsible for the 4 cylinder,
turbo charged
SVO Mustang from 1984 - 1986.
was later changed to SVT, or Special Vehicle Team; for the 1993 Mustang Cobra.
"SVO" parts catalogue continued until 2000.

Lincoln's Mark Series had been around since 1956.   It finally ended with the Mark VIII, in 1998. 

In 1984, the Lincoln Mark VII made it's debut with a fantastic reception. 
It was the first American automobile to feature something that is now common-place.  Composite plastic, aerodynamic headlights and Anti-lock brakes.

The Mark VII was built on Ford's "Fox body" platform that hosted nearly a dozen different Ford/Lincoln/Mercury models from '79 - '93.


**First conceived in 1986, the Mark VII SVO was created from the sporty Mark VII LSC and enhanced by Ford's SVO performance team. 
Due to many other projects and priorities, the SVO Mark VII wouldn't see realization for many years.





**Although, not specifically planned for production in this form, a carriage top Mark VII was all that Ford donated for the prototype; and so represented a possible convertible option.







**Custom L.E.D. tail lighting, "SVO" & "5-Speed" emblems with a complete Black-Out scheme.
This one and only Mark VII SVO model is easy to spot.

**Unfortunately, the Mark VII GTC
was already in limited production and accepted for the High Performance model.

**Additionally, due to the fact that the Mark VII was to be discontinued at the end of '92, the Ford/Lincoln motor division did not see a point in producing the SVO model.

**The Mark VII SVO project was scrapped. 


  **SVO's LED Oil Pressure Gauge.



The Facts of Fiction...

(These are my own mods to the Mark VII)
SVO's performance enhancements for the Mark VII:


* The SVO Mark VII was to be available only in Twilight Blue clear coat metallic paint with a non-chrome black-out scheme.

* The low profile hood scoop was reproduced from the 1982 Mustang GT series and was drawn in for the first draft.  It is non-functional.

* There are "SVO" and "5-speed" trunk emblems.  "Mark VII" and "Lincoln" emblems do not appear anywhere on the Mark VII SVO .

* The only Lincoln symbol can be seen on the trunk key cover.

* Deeper offset BBS-type aluminum wheels with 225/60/ZR16 radials. 
   Resembling the '90-'92 LSC factory wheels, these deeper off-set wheels helped to enhance the "Hot Rod" appearance.

* Ford performance bucket seats in heavy dark blue cloth and velour with manual thigh bolsters and power lumbar support.  Taken from the '87-'88 Turbo Coupe.

* In-dash LED Oil pressure gauge.  An oil pressure gauge was absent from all previous Mark VII models ('84-'92). Many owners questioned this omission in a performance car.

* Distinctive LED tail lights were uniquely created for this SVO Mark VII. 
(LED's are now growing in popularity with car manufacturers.  They have attention-getting brilliance over standard incandescent light bulbs for added safety as well as a modern look).


* Mike built a 347 Stroker motor rated at 450+ HP.  Includes a high lift X303 camshaft and Trick Flow intake with AFR 185 CNC ported heads. 

* Trick Flow "Track Heat" intake.

* '93 Mustang Cobra Mass-Airflow Fuel Injection system with enhanced EEC IV - X3Z computer. 
No factory Mark VII (84-92) had Mass-Airflow injection, although it was standard on Mustang GT's from '89-up (CA. '88-up).

* 70mm throttle body. 

* 70mm airflow meter/sensor.

* 24 lb. fuel injectors.  Used with the '93 Cobra X3Z ECM.

* 190 lph fuel pump.

* Aftermarket BBK Headers and 2 1/2" dual exhaust system with newly designed X-Pipe technology vs. the standard H-Pipe designs of the time.  The tail pipes were shown under the rear quarter panels similar to the Mustang LX. But they were black, unlike the bright stainless pipes used for the Mustang.  A note was made to have them blued like gun metal.  The prototype has black tailpipes.

Drive train/Suspension

* Coil spring fitment replaces AirSprings.  Complete suspension system was taken from the '88 Turbo Coupe.

* Heavy Duty front and rear sway bars.  These were also taken from the '88 Turbo Coupe part supply.

* A-5 manual transmission from Astro Performance. This is a high alloy geared transmission rated at 650HP and 525 ft. lbs. of torque! 
No Mark VII's were produced with a manual transmission. All models from '84 - '92 used Ford's AOD (Automatic Over Drive) transmission.

* 3.73 rear end gears with Ford's Traction-loc differential and 4 wheel antilock disc brakes.  (The Mark VII was the first American car to offer anti-lock brakes in 1985).




The car, ideas and designs were conceived by Mike Kaminski.

The current location of this original Mark VII SVO model is Clearwater, Florida, USA.



The original car at the paint shop...

Here's the 1982 Mustang hood scoop, salvaged from a junk yard, in it's original state...
Having sat in rain and harsh weather for so many years, the surface was nothing but an eroded mass of exposed fiberglass.

A broken tip had to be re-formed and repaired...

After filing, shaving and paint, the scoop fits the Mark VII hood lines!